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What is a housekeeping job?

What does a Housekeeper do? 

At Accor, we prioritize genuine care! Behind every neatly made bed and spotless bathroom lies the dedication and attention to detail of our housekeepers.

As a Housekeeper, you will have the opportunity to craft enriching and distinctive experiences for every guest, ensuring guest rooms are comfortable, inviting, and clean all while relentlessly aiming for excellence. 

Join us as we explore the role of a Housekeeper and discover how it embodies Accor's commitment to exceptional service and guest satisfaction.

Housekeeping job description 

A housekeeping job goes beyond mere cleaning; it's about curating a welcoming environment that exceeds guest expectations. 

Here's a closer look at what your day-to-day duties and responsibilities entail:

  • Maintaining cleanliness - take pride in meticulously cleaning all assigned guestrooms to the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness required by the hotel.
  • Warm guest interactions - interact with guests in a friendly and professional manner, providing a welcoming experience that reflects Accor's commitment to exceptional service.
  • Respect for privacy and belongings - take ownership of guests' privacy and belongings, ensuring utmost discretion and care in handling their personal items.
  • Common area maintenance - extend your attention to detail to common areas, ensuring they are tidied and maintained to create a welcoming atmosphere for all guests.
  • Record-keeping and reporting - maintain accurate records of serviced rooms on worksheets, promptly reporting any rooms that cannot be serviced and following established hotel policies and procedures.
  • Special projects and assistance - collaborate with the housekeeping team and assist in special cleaning projects or tasks as required by department heads or hotel management.
  • Guest satisfaction - create and maintain a personal rapport with guests, addressing their requirements and inquiries promptly and professionally. Handle guest complaints with empathy and thorough follow-up, ensuring their concerns are addressed effectively.
  • Team collaboration - work closely with floor supervisors and other team members to ensure seamless operations and maintain high standards of cleanliness and service throughout the hotel.
  • Continuous improvement - take a proactive approach to improving processes and procedures, contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the housekeeping department.

Housekeeping requirements and skills 

To succeed in a housekeeping role at Accor, we are looking for new Heartists® who have a warm and caring personality, along with previous housekeeping experience or a genuine passion for hospitality.

Your ability to anticipate and fulfill guest needs, coupled with excellent organizational skills, sets the stage for success. 

At Accor, we value Heartists® who embody our ethos of professionalism, welcoming demeanour, and meticulous attention to detail. 

Why choose a career in housekeeping with Accor?

Joining our housekeeping team at Accor means becoming part of a dynamic and supportive environment where your contributions are valued and celebrated. 

Our culture is inclusive, valuing diversity and the unique personalities of our Heartists®. 

We empower our team members to create their own future, providing support and resources for personal and professional development. 

With opportunities for growth, recognition, and a culture that fosters diversity and inclusion, pursuing a career in housekeeping with Accor is not just about cleaning rooms - it's about creating unforgettable moments and making a difference in the lives of others. 

Join the housekeeping team at Accor: Where cleanliness meets hospitality

A housekeeping job at Accor offers more than just a role; it's an opportunity to be part of a dynamic team dedicated to delivering unparalleled guest experiences and contributing to pioneering the art of responsible hospitality.

If you're ready to embark on a rewarding career path where every action you take has a positive and memorable impact on the experience of our guests, your colleagues, and also, on the planet, we invite you to explore our housekeeping opportunities today


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