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From Glasgow to global events: Manvir’s journey as an Executive Chef

Manvir Singh Dalal's career is a remarkable testament to the diverse and dynamic nature of the culinary arts. 

Starting in an Indian restaurant in Glasgow, Manvir's journey has taken him to the kitchens of the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, and various prestigious hotels. 

Now an Executive Chef at Novotel London Greenwich, Manvir shares his experiences and insights into the world of hospitality, highlighting the challenges, rewards, and essence of being a Heartist®.

Can you tell us about how you started your chef career?

"I began my chef career in the UK on a permit, working in an Indian restaurant in Glasgow. Over time, I had the opportunity to work at major events like the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, and various hotels. 

These experiences were invaluable for my career progression because I learned different styles of service, especially during the Olympics and Commonwealth Games where we served an immense number of meals—70,000 a day at the Olympics during peak delivery."

How have your experiences in large-scale events influenced your career?

"My experience with large-scale events has greatly helped me manage events with large numbers, find the right people, and secure good resources to get produce. 

It also taught me how to effectively execute operations. Managing such massive operations requires precision, teamwork, and efficient logistics, which are skills I’ve carried forward in my career."

What has your experience been like at Novotel Greenwich?

"I have been at Novotel Greenwich for nearly four years. While I do not have my next move planned, I am open to new opportunities. 

Accor is a great company to work for, offering excellent career development and numerous opportunities. We are well looked after, which is important in this industry."

What qualities do you think are essential for working in hospitality, especially in kitchens?

"To work in hospitality, you need to have the right mindset to work with people, especially in kitchens where the hours can be long and demanding. 

It’s an opportunity to test yourself and grow. No two days are the same in a hotel; every day brings something new and often a new challenge."

Can you explain what being a Heartist® means to you?

"Being a Heartist® means being there for customers, ensuring they have a great experience. My motto is that if you look after your team, your team will look after you. 

I would never expect any of my brigade to do something I wouldn’t do myself. Despite my wide range of experiences, I still learn from everyone around me." 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

"I am a keen follower of sports and still play cricket when I get the chance, after family and work commitments. At home, I help my wife cook, and on my day off, it’s my turn to cook. My daughter is a budding star now, and at 17, I am incredibly proud of her."

What advice would you give to someone new to the hospitality industry?

"Embrace every opportunity to learn, stay attentive to detail, and always prioritize exceptional customer service. Build strong connections with colleagues and be open to adapting and growing in this dynamic field."

An Executive Chef's Inspirational Path

Manvir Singh Dalal’s story underscores the importance of teamwork, continuous learning, and exceptional service in creating memorable experiences for guests. 

Manvir’s career serves as an inspiration for aspiring chefs and hospitality professionals, demonstrating that with the right mindset and dedication, the opportunities in this industry are endless. 

Let your heart guide you into a world where life pulses with passion as an Executive Chef at Accor


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