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5 reasons you should consider a hospitality career at Accor

Considering a career in hospitality? Wondering, "Is hospitality a good field?" Continue reading to find out. 

At Accor, we are more than a hospitality leader. We are pioneers in the art of responsible hospitality, connecting cultures with heartfelt care and putting our Heartists® in the center of everything we do.

With us, your personality is valued, and your growth opportunities know no boundaries. Every action you take can have a positive and memorable impact on the experience of our customers, your colleagues, and also, the planet. Become a Heartist®, and let your heart guide you into a world where life pulses with passion.

Here are 5 reasons you should join Accor and explore the endless possibilities awaiting you in the dynamic world of hospitality

  1.  Be ALL You Are
  2.  Grow & Create Your Path
  3.  Enjoy & Feel Valued
  4.  Work with Purpose
  5.  Hospitality is a Work of Heart

Be ALL You Are 

At Accor, we celebrate diversity and inclusivity. As Heartists®, we foster a culture that values authenticity, creativity, and personal growth. We value the richness of the 120 nationalities, different backgrounds and stories that make us.

Here, you're encouraged to bring your unique personality, history, and culture to the table, creating a vibrant and supportive work environment where everyone can thrive. 

We believe in diversity as a key driver for collective performance and we actively contribute to building a more inclusive and diverse workplace. As an example, one of the ways we empower women within the company is through our gender diversity network - RiiSE. With over 26,000 members across the group, representing all countries, cultures, ages, and genders, this network aims to eliminate all forms of discrimination and harassment while providing mentorship opportunities.

Grow & Create Your Path 

It is a common misconception that the hospitality industry only offers temporary jobs. We often get the question “Can you make a career in hospitality?” While you can join us for a short time, we also offer long-term career paths.

We believe hospitality is a school of life and we empower our Heartists® to take charge of their career trajectory. We love revealing and empowering you, to let you invent your future. 

Our values are more than words on a page. In 2023, more than 6 million hours of training were delivered and more than 190,000 Heartists® trained. 

With access to leading training and development plans, tailored courses, and continuous learning opportunities, you'll have the resources and support to evolve and excel at every stage of your career.

Work with Purpose 

Our purpose is to pioneer the art of responsible hospitality. You as a Heartist® will be challenging norms and pioneering a new and innovative approach to hospitality. A career at Accor means working with purpose.

We enable our Heartists® to create unforgettable experiences for our guests, making hospitality truly unique.

Whether it's crafting personalized experiences, fostering connections, or contributing to positive and sustainable impacts, your work here goes beyond service—it's about creating lasting memories and meaningful connections. 

One of the ways we support our Heartists® in creating a positive impact on our communities is through Heartists® for Good. This is an opportunity to do voluntary work during working hours, one day a year. In addition, with our Solidarity Accor initiatives, we aim to help and empower populations living under precarious conditions to work themselves out of poverty and social exclusion. We welcome our Heartists® to submit a project which supports this cause and have the opportunity to see their initiative funded by Accor through the endowment fund. 

Enjoy and Feel Valued

We understand the importance of feeling valued and appreciated for your contributions. 

This is why we prioritize recognition and reward for our dedicated Heartists®. Just as you care for our guests every day, we're committed to caring for you, ensuring that your efforts are recognized, appreciated, and rewarded every step of the way. 

Every year, we shine a spotlight on our dedicated Heartists® who have made outstanding contributions at the Bernaches Awards. The Bernaches are Accor's signature awards program that recognizes Heartists® from around the world and across functions, who have delivered extraordinary projects. The awards are deeply rooted in Accor’s culture and serve as a testimony to the group's firm commitment to highlight and reward Heartists®. 

Yes, recognition is important but we also want to take care of you. That is why our Heartists® have exclusive access to our ALL Heartists® program so they can fully enjoy the benefits of our hospitality universe. 

Hospitality is a Work of Heart 

This statement, ‘hospitality is a work of heart’, embodies the essence of our company culture. 

We proudly embrace the hospitality industry and the challenges that come with it. These challenges are what makes working at Accor so stimulating for our Heartists®.

We are looking for new Heartists® who value passion, and dedication and are ready to work with their heart and contribute to creating memorable experiences for our guests. Does this sound like you? 

Embark on a rewarding hospitality career at Accor 

A hospitality career at Accor offers more than just a job—it's an opportunity to be part of a diverse and inclusive culture, where individuality is celebrated, growth is encouraged, and purpose-driven work is the norm. 

So, whether you're embarking on a new career journey or seeking to elevate your hospitality career to new heights, consider joining us at Accor and experience a world of endless possibilities, meaningful connections, and unparalleled growth opportunities. 

Become a Heartist®, and let your heart guide you into a world where life pulses with passion by exploring our hospitality careers today


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