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Novotel Chennai OMR, Chennai, India



Assistant Manager-Talent & Culture



Job Description

Prime Function:

  • Communicate and support company policies & procedures to maintain high employee morale and motivation, and ensure an atmosphere of participative management.
  • Ensure optimum service through the effective communication of policies and procedures to all employees.
  • Assist the Human Resources team  to plan, manage, coordinate and participate in personnel activities of all the departments in areas of recruitment, engagement, other initiatives, CSR activities.
  • To recommend, implement, formulate and execute organizations policies, procedures, rules, regulations and programs for all the employees
  • To assist the Human Resources Manager in ensuring that the Personnel functions are carried out effectively and professionally, resulting in a highly motivated, flexible and multi skilled workforce.
  • Any matter which may effect the interests of the hotel should be brought to the attention of the Management.
  • Key Responsibilities:
  • Human Resources Planning
  • Assist the Human Resources Manager to develop an annual and long-term Human Resources plan that identifies the organizations Human Resources agenda as a component of the organizations overall Strategic Plan.
  • Identify Human Resources strategies and program requirements needed to maintain a progressive work culture in support of effective recruitment, development, and retention of the employees.
  • People Management
  • Establish and maintain seamless co-ordination & co-operation with all departments of the hotel ensure maximum cooperation, productivity, morale and guest service.

  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with all the departments.
  • Respond to queries by resolving issues in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Ensure that the team has been trained for all safety provisions.
  • Ensure that all personnel are kept well informed of department’s objectives and policies.
  • Motivate and develop team to ensure smooth functioning of the department and promote teamwork.
  • Financial Management

    Identify optimal, cost effective use of the resources and educate the team on the same.

  • Operational Management

    Promote and manage a positive and productive work environment by working with the management team to provide clear communication and fair and timely evaluations of the team.

  • Develop and train the employees on new programs and company initiatives.
  • Plan, develop and implement organizational policies and goals in accordance with the department’s objectives & goals.
  • Ensure compliance of employees with established procedures and practices.
  • Resolve employee’s issues and inquiries.
  • Provide a positive work environment by consistently facilitating open, two-way communication and resolving all employee relations issues in a timely manner.
  • Managerial Qualities

  • Leadership skills that utilize persuasion and motivation to attain organizational        goals is the most desirable management quality, followed by honesty, integrity, ethical behaviour, tactfulness, openness, and cultural awareness;
  • Ability to accept responsibility;
  • Self confidence, motivation, drive and tenacity;
  • Ability to enhance organizational performance;
  • Ability to clearly delegate tasks and responsibilities;
  • Ability to think strategically, inductively, and creatively;
  • And the propensity to recognize and acknowledge other peoples’ ideas.

Diversity & Inclusion for Accor means welcoming each and everyone and respecting their differences by giving priority only to qualities and skills in extending employment and development opportunities. Our ambition is to provide meaningful employment, a warm and welcoming culture, excellent working conditions and to promote the development of all people, including those with disabilities.
When applying, do not hesitate to let us know of any specific needs you may have so that we can take them into consideration.


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