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Vivari Hotel and Spa by Mantis, Krugersdorp, South Africa



Talent and Culture Executive


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Company Description

Join us at Accor, where life pulses with passion!

As a pioneer in the art of responsible hospitality, the Accor Group gathers more than 45 brands, 5,600 hotels, 10,000 restaurants, and lifestyle destinations in 110 countries. While each brand has its own personality, where you will be able to truly find yourself, they all share a common ambition: to keep innovating and challenging the status-quo.​

By joining us, you will become a Heartist®, because hospitality is, first and foremost, a work of heart.​

You will join a caring environment and a team where you can be all you are. You will be in a supportive place to grow, to fulfil yourself, to discover other professions and to pursue career opportunities, in your hotel or in other hospitality environments, in your country or anywhere in the world!​

You will enjoy exclusive benefits, specific to the sector and beyond, as well as strong recognition for your daily commitment.​

Everything you will do with us, regardless of your profession, will offer a deep sense of meaning,to create lasting, memorable and impactful experiences for your customers, for your colleagues and for the planet.

Hospitality is a work of heart,
Join us and become a Heartist®.

Job Description


  • To maintain an effective recruitment procedure to obtain the best talents in the market place at competitive, but with responsible remuneration packages as per hotel policy.
  • To assist the Director of Talent & Culture in ensuring that the Talent & Culture departmental functions are carried out effectively and professionally, resulting in a highly motivated, flexible and multi skilled work force.
  • To assist in Training activities as and when required


  • Assists in insuring harmonious Employee’ & Management climate
  • To conduct meetings with associates and provide feedback to the Director of Talent & Culture.
  • To contribute to the Employee welfare by assisting in hotel sponsored welfare activities, such as sports activities, outings and staff transportation or any other welfare activity carried out from time to time etc.
  • To be responsible for an efficient handling of staff grievances and that all required actions are being promptly attended to




  • To provide a courteous, professional, efficient and flexible service at all times, following Hotel Standards of Performance.
  • To have a full working knowledge and capability to supervise, correct and demonstrate all duties and tasks in the assigned Place of Work to the standard set.
  • To be entirely flexible and adapt to rotate within the different sub departments of the Talent & Culture Division or any other Department of the hotel as assigned.
  • To perform all duties and tasks when rotated or assigned to another Department as per established standards for that Department.
  • To be fully conversant with all services and facilities offered by the hotel.
  • To ensure that utilization of Technology is maximized to increase productivity.
  • To ensure that all Talent & Culture / Administration Practices are complete and in keeping with legal practices, Policies & Procedures and the Philosophy of Hotel.
  • Responsible for ensuring completeness and accuracy of all relevant statutory records, registers & Forms. To ensure all legal returns/formalities are complied with e.g., E.S.I., P.F, Apprenticeship Act, Contract labour, Employment exchange etc.
  • To be demanding and critical when it comes to departmental standards to be demonstrated.
  • To ensure the smooth and efficient running of the T&C Function, ensuring that all the Policies & Procedures outlined in the Operations Manual are strictly adhered to.
  • To maintain complete and supported Personnel records of the hotel as per Hotel Policies & Procedures.
  • To be hands on and observe, review and improve Talent & Culture and Training practices and procedures throughout the hotel departments.
  • To be able to communicate and explain the Employee In-House Rules & Regulations to employees.
  • Coordinates with Departmental Heads in ensuring employee commitment to Company rules and Policies
  • Counsels and motivates subordinates in work related matters.
  • To ensure that all resigned employees are properly “checked out” following the established procedures.
  • To replenish supplies of all First Aid Boxes in the Hotel.
  • To ensure that all staff with accident or illness at duty hours wanting to see the Hospital, obtains Medical Chit from the Hotel.

Recruitment and Selection

  • To maintain a systematic recruitment and selection process, maintaining a database of internal and external candidates for employment, whereby the primary focus is to provide development opportunities and promotions from within the company, with external recruitment as back up.
  • To adhere to set external recruitment procedures to obtain the best talents in the market place from the competition.
  • Makes recommendations/reference on Hiring, of candidates.
  • To ensure that all applicants are interviewed on the required Employee Specifications and Employee profiles as established by the hotel. Shortlist suitable candidates for final interview and decision by T&C and or Executive Committee / Department Heads concerned.
  • To ensure that all documentation relating to successful or unsuccessful candidates is processed professionally and in a timely fashion (within one week of throughput).
  • To ensure that new recruits are “checked in” according to the established procedures, attend Hotel and Departmental Orientation and understand the contents of the Employee Handbook.
  • To ensure that vacancies can be filled within a two-week period with suitable candidates
  • To call Employees for interviews upon receipt of Associate Requisition.

Employee Facilities, Communication and Recognition Programs

  • To ensure that employee facilities are maintained and cleaned to hotel standards of operation, including the Employee Restaurant, bunker, Locker Rooms etc.
  • Establishes an environment that ensures organizational commitment to employee.
  • To actively participate in the preparation work for the Employee Newsletter.
  • To counsel employees on career prospects, job related and personal matters, discipline etc.
  • Assists in insuring harmonious Employee’ & Management relations


  • To be responsible for the enrollment and termination of the Employees’ Insurance Program.
  • Ensures all relevant documentation, HRIS updated.
  • Advises on modification and establishes systems and procedures in the department to increase efficiency and provide better service.
  • To ensure that all meetings are well planned, efficient and result oriented.
  • To update Accidents Reports and to recommend remedial actions.
  • To ensure that all work Permits and Residence Permit are processed.
  • To ensure that all departmental reports, projects and correspondence is completed punctually and accurately.
  • Ensure the maintenance of all time office records of e.g., attendance/ leave/ absenteeism.
  • To ensure that Employee Birthday lists are sent.

Health and Safety Programs

  • To represent Personnel and Training Department in the Health and Safety Committee.
  • To help in compiling First Aid Manual / Handbook.
  • To ensure that there is always a Health and Safety article in the Staff News Letter or Flash Report and the Employee Notice Boards.


  • To understand and strictly adhere to the Rules & Regulations established in the Employees Handbook and the Hotel’s Policy on Fire, Hygiene, Health and Safety.
  • To report for duty punctually wearing the correct uniform and nametag at all times.
  • To maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene at all times.
  • To maintain a good rapport and working relationship with staff in the outlet and all other departments.
  • To attend and contribute to all staff meetings Departmental and Hotel Training as scheduled and other related activities.
  • To undertake any reasonable tasks and secondary duties as assigned by the T&C Manager
  • To respond to any changes in the Talent & Culture function as dictated by the hotel.
  • To project at all times a positive and motivated attitude and exercise self-control.
  • To handle guest and employee inquiries in a courteous and efficient manner and report guest complaints or problems to supervisors if no immediate solution can be found and assure follow up with guests.
  • To be discreet and keep observations confidential and report to the T&C Manager or Director of Talent & Culture.
  • To ensure that the Place of Work and surrounding area is kept clean and organized at all times.
  • To assist in Hotel CSR initiative
  • The list of duties mentioned above are illustrative, and not exhaustive.

Replacement and Temporary mission

 You are required to function under Accor’s environmental and corporate social responsibility norms including but not limited to:

  • Incorporating Accor’s environmental charter initiatives into daily practices.
  • Working towards Pullman’s sustainability goals in complete cohesion with the Indian environmental practices and local laws and regulations.
  • Being involved in educating the local community on environmental hazards and encouraging their participation in reducing their impact


  • The Talent & Culture Executive is directed not to (either during or subsequently) without the company’s written consent, divulge any information concerning the hotel or any of its dealings, transactions or affairs which may come to his/her knowledge during or in the course of his/her employment with the company.

Occupational Health and Safety, interreact, Planet-21

  • Demonstrate Awareness of interreact, policies and procedures and ensure all procedures are conducted safely and within guidelines in your departments
  • All employees to safeguard their health and safety, and the health and safety of others, in the workplace.
  • Engage Our Guests in a sustainable experience,
  • Co-innovate with our partners to open up new horizons,
  • Work hand-in-hand with local Communities for a positive impact,
  • Move towards carbon neutral Buildings,
  • Strive for zero food waste & healthy, sustainable Food,
  • Act as an inclusive company for our people,
  • Engage our Guests in a sustainable experience.


Relevant Degree

Diversity & Inclusion for Accor means welcoming each and everyone and respecting their differences by giving priority only to qualities and skills in extending employment and development opportunities. Our ambition is to provide meaningful employment, a warm and welcoming culture, excellent working conditions and to promote the development of all people, including those with disabilities.
When applying, do not hesitate to let us know of any specific needs you may have so that we can take them into consideration.


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