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General Manager



Company Description

Fairmont hotels is a renowned luxury hotel brand with a global presence and a commitment to creating lasting memories for our guests. With over 30,000 employees worldwide, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service, embracing innovation, and fostering a culture of excellence.

Hotel Overview:

Journey into the heart of Hawaiʻi Island at Fairmont Orchid, a luxury oasis where the aloha spirit comes alive. Visit the warmth and serenity of 540 spacious guests rooms and suites nestled along 32 oceanfront acres on the Big Island's majestic Kohala Coast. Explore world-class beaches, underwater marine life in our private bay and lounge under palm trees by the spacious pool. With its exceptional 130,000 square feet of event space, resort amenities, including the open-air Spa Without Walls, oceanfront fine dining and unique Hawaiian cultural experiences, Fairmont Orchid is among the best luxury resorts in Hawaiʻi. 

Job Description

Position Overview:
As the General Manager of Fairmont Orchid, you will embody the essence of luxury hospitality. Your dynamic and hands-on approach is fueled by a deep passion for developing people and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. A true brand and guest ambassador, you will challenge conventions, consistently seek solutions, and infuse innovation into every facet of the hotel experience and every function of the business.

Your seasoned leadership style will blend diplomacy with relationship-building prowess, cultivating strong connections with both internal and external stakeholders, including Owners and the Community. Your ability to engage with ownership and strategize revenue enhancements will be coupled with an innate talent for envisioning the hotel's long-term trajectory.

A refined sense of finance and business acumen will be at the core of your decision-making, grounded in an unwavering commitment to delivering a world-class product and service. By seamlessly weaving local heritage and culture into our offerings, you will not only create an authentic guest experience but also drive excellence across all dimensions of our operations.

In your role as a catalyst for exceptional service, you will uphold the highest standards, infusing every interaction with the kind of genuine care that leaves an indelible mark on our guests. Nurturing an environment of continuous growth and skill development, you will inspire our colleagues to consistently exceed expectations, turning moments into memories for every visitor.

As a visionary leader, you will play a pivotal role in shaping our strategic direction. Your involvement in goal setting and objective communication will propel business growth and solidify the hotel’s reputation as a distinguished luxury destination. Your ability to foster positive relationships with ownership will ensure a harmonious partnership that aligns with our overarching strategy while enhancing the hotel's performance and prestige.

In the realm of Fairmont Orchid, your leadership will be synonymous with setting industry benchmarks and redefining luxury hospitality. Your commitment to excellence, coupled with your innovative approach, will leave an enduring mark on our iconic brand and create a legacy of unparalleled guest memories.

Key Behaviours and Responsibilities:

1.    Act with an open mindset:

Embrace innovative ideas, adapt to change, and encourage a culture of innovation and continuous learning.
Demonstrate explicit knowledge and awareness of company standards as an integral role model.
Build quality relationships with the management team.
Create an environment that encourages innovation, challenges traditional thinking, and fosters a "speak-up" culture.

2.    Create positive impact working with others:

Foster an inclusive and collaborative work environment, empowering colleagues to contribute their best and building strong relationships based on trust and respect.
Create a collaborative and inclusive environment where all colleagues are encouraged to provide input.
Actively listen to team members' ideas, concerns, and feedback and incorporate their input into decision-making processes.
Recognize and appreciate the contributions and well-being of colleagues.

3.    Strive for guest/client satisfaction:

Exhibits a deep understanding of the luxury hospitality landscape and guest expectations, ensuring that the guest experience consistently exceeds industry standards.
Maintain product and service quality standards by conducting ongoing evaluations.
Handle VIP Guests and understand international protocols for government officials and royalty.
Monitor guest/client feedback, address concerns promptly, and implement improvements to optimize satisfaction.

4.     Consistently deliver excellence:

Demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of ownership group's investment objectives and formulates strategic business plans that align with those objectives; ensuring preservation and maximization of the hotel’s assets.
Set high performance standards, lead by example, and drive a culture of continuous improvement and quality across all the hotel.
Exhibits expertise in sales, marketing, and revenue management, driving the hotel's performance in the luxury hospitality market.
Maximize financial performance, control costs, and execute marketing and operational activities that produce results meeting or exceeding the hotel's business plan.
Recognize and reward outstanding performance and celebrate achievements within the organization.

5.     Enable team success:

Support the professional growth and development of colleagues through coaching, mentoring, and providing opportunities for learning.
Encourage individuals to take on challenging assignments and stretch their capabilities.
Provide regular feedback and guidance, recognizing achievements and offering constructive suggestions for improvement.
Create a safe and empowering environment where individuals feel comfortable taking risks, expressing their ideas, and learning from failures.
As applicable, brings experience in working with labor unions, maintaining constructive relationships and ensuring harmonious teamwork.

6.     Create clarity:

Articulates a clear and comprehensive vision for the hotel, aligning goals and objectives with ownership group's investment strategy.
Effectively communicates organizational vision, goals, and expectations, fostering a shared sense of purpose and direction among team members.
Demonstrates adeptness in overseeing renovation projects, maintaining transparency and open communication throughout the process.
Addresses ambiguity and navigates complex situations with transparency, fostering an environment of clear direction and effective problem-solving.

7.     Inspire for top performance:

Lead with passion and integrity, motivate and inspire others to achieve their best.
Market plans and ideas successfully, reducing key and complex ideas and messages to clear, memorable, and compelling statements.
Embodies an entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring innovative thinking and fostering a culture that encourages taking calculated risks.
Recognizes and rewards outstanding performance, cultivating an atmosphere of achievement and recognition.
Promotes continuous development and growth, offering resources and guidance to nurture professional skills and talents.
Champions a "speak-up" culture, creating an environment where diverse opinions are valued, and individual contributions are celebrated.
Convince others, negotiate, debate, and find win-win solutions.


  • Prior experience in a luxury hotel General Manager position, with resort experience in a complex operation, inclusive of multiple outlets.
  • Experience managing detailed product transformations, strategic capital planning and execution.
  • Strong educational background with professional qualifications and a continuous learning mindset.  
  • Fluent in English.
  • Passionate about sustainability and environmental stewardship.
  • Good understanding of Hawaii and/or remote resort destinations.
  • Ability to perpetuate culture through genuine awareness, education and immersion.
  • Desire to embrace Aloha in how you lead and communicate, embracing the Hawaiian culture.
  • Experience in managing owner relations.
  • Proven ability to effectively lead and manage a unionized workforce, fostering positive employee relations and maintaining a harmonious workplace environment.
  • Demonstrated leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills.
  • Strategic thinker with excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Bottom-line oriented with a focus on quality guest service and team-building.
  • Creative and innovative mindset.
  • Ability to collaborate and work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Excellent sense of prioritization and time management.
  • Professional demeanor and strategic orientation.
  • Highly organized with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Engaging, friendly, and charismatic with a natural ability to connect with guests.
  • Passionate about creating memorable experiences and turning moments into memories.

Additional Information

Salary range for this role is between $300,000 - $340,000 USD

Our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion:

  • We are an inclusive company and our ambition is to attract, recruit and promote diverse talent.

Diversity & Inclusion for Accor means welcoming each and everyone and respecting their differences by giving priority only to qualities and skills in extending employment and development opportunities. Our ambition is to provide meaningful employment, a warm and welcoming culture, excellent working conditions and to promote the development of all people, including those with disabilities.
When applying, do not hesitate to let us know of any specific needs you may have so that we can take them into consideration.


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