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Pullman New Delhi Aerocity, New Delhi, India



Connect Associate



Job Description

  • Ensures all calls from guests and external calls are handled in a timely manner (answered within 3 rings) and professionally with Pullman & Novotel’s policies and procedures as a key factor.
  • Build rapport as first point of contact with Guests and provide personalized service

Operational Processes

  • Answer all incoming calls.
  •  Records and channels guest request to appropriate departments using HotSOS
  •  Performs follow‐up calls to guests concerned to ensure service facility defect has been rectified to satisfaction.
  •  Makes operator assisted calls
  • Records guest’s messages
  • Ensures correct transmission and receipt of facsimile.
  • Accurately records all requests for wake‐up calls and ensures they are handled correctly.
  • Accurately posts the charges for operator assisted and collect calls.
  • Knows the hotel and all its facilities, the department and section heads, the responsibilities of each department, the office extension numbers and its respective operation hours.
  • Knows the functions and in operating the fax machines.
  • Checks the log printers at regular intervals to ensure that the interface system is in working order.
  • Checks “Interface Lost Posting” dummy folio in PMS on an hourly basis to ensure there are no postings that are not posted to a guest folio.
  • Ensures that the console is always in good working order and the work area is neat and clean at all times.
  • Knows how to handle the telephone, radio / music and video equipment.
  • Knows all the Emergency Procedures of the hotel and how to handle them.


  • Follow up on traces for the department in Opera PMS
  • Have Forms & Formats printed and ready to ensure efficiency in daily tasks

Safety & Security  

  • Ensures the highest level of safety and security by complying with training programs that deliver a high degree of awareness amongst team.
  • Has knowledge of Emergency Procedures and is aware of roles in an Emergency.

Environmental Responsibility – Planet 21

  •    Follow the environmental initiatives of Accor.
  •    Acclimates with Accor’s environmental charter initiatives into daily practices

Diversity & Inclusion for Accor means welcoming each and everyone and respecting their differences by giving priority only to qualities and skills in extending employment and development opportunities. Our ambition is to provide meaningful employment, a warm and welcoming culture, excellent working conditions and to promote the development of all people, including those with disabilities.
When applying, do not hesitate to let us know of any specific needs you may have so that we can take them into consideration.


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