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Fraud Warning

Recruitment/Employment fraud occurs when individuals are sent false offers of employment via internet-based email or social media accounts bearing the Accor Group name (or some variation of it), or by someone deceitfully portraying themselves as a representative of the Accor Group. These emails may appear authentic because they contain a company logo or compelling personal information from social networks. However, these emails have no connection with our Group, and we do not use these methods in our recruitment process. The goal of the sender is often to extort money or personal information from the individual, or other serious malicious intents. The individual is often offered employment in exchange for the payment of money in the form of “application fees”, "processing fees" or "payments towards work permits”. These types of communications are fraudulent and do not originate from the Accor Group, nor from any of our properties or businesses. We recommend that you do not disclose your personal or financial details to anyone you do not know. We never ask applicants for money and do not ask for your bank details until the contract has been signed by both parties.

The Accor Group is aware of these increasingly fraudulent recruitment schemes which we take very seriously and closely monitor. If you believe you have received a false offer of employment or been deceived by someone portraying themselves as a representative of the Accor Group for malicious purposes, we recommend you do the following:

  • Save all information, including emails, letters and documentation such as a false offer of employment;

  • Do not respond to any communication from the sender;

  • Do not send any money or provide any personal or financial information to the sender;

  • Contact your local police and alert them to this incident;

  • Contact immediately.

If you have questions regarding the legitimacy of any advertisement, interview, offer of employment or request for your personal information, please contact


If you need more information or for support purposes with Accor Careers, you can email us directly at Please note that we do not accept C.V.s/applications to this email address. You are encouraged to search our Accor Careers website and apply directly to available opportunities of your interest.


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