Who We Are

Traditional Hospitality and Beyond.
We are Accor. We are a worldwide Augmented Hospitality leader. We are more than 230,000 hospitality experts placing people at the heart of what we do, creating new connections & emotions for our guests, nurturing real passion for service and achievement beyond limits.

We’re so much more than hotels — we’re creating innovative lifestyle experiences , whether you live, work or play. Blaze your own trail from 40+ hotel brands, restaurants, nightclubs, spas, co-working spaces, and tech start-ups . 

Building on the strength of our teams and our strong holistic ecosystem of brands & solutions, we are breaking new ground to shape the hospitality of tomorrow and inspire new ways to experience the world.


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Heart + Artist = Heartist®

At Accor, we are all Heartists®. Passionate and experts in what we do, each and every one of us, with our own personality, master the fine art of welcoming, connecting, and serving others. We are passionate about people and attentive to the world, it is the Heartist® way of being.

Our Values

Guest Passion

We obsess over our customers. 
Our guests are the driver of our decisions  and our actions. We put them first, we care for them. We go the extra mile for them. 
We enjoy doing it.


Hospitality is a team sport, and we’re stronger  when we trust and support each other.
We believe in natural kindness, respect  our differences and value all voices. We work as one team, to say what we do,  and do what we say.


We are connected with the world, and to others.
​​​​​​​We enjoy the mix of cultures.  
​​​​​​​We are proud of our differences. We put you f irst and we value you, whoever you are. 
We care for the planet.

Sustainable Performance

We believe that hospitality has the power to unlock a better tomorrow. We act for good tosupport & empower the communities in which  we live, and protect the planet that you visit.

Spirit of Conquest

Our guests are globetrotters, and so are we. We want to be where they want to be. We explore,  we initiate, and we develop. We are ambitious for our guests. We make the impossible possible,  we have fun doing it.


We dare to challenge the status quo.  We embrace innovation and challenge ourselves to do things better and faster. We take risks, dream the impossible and make it possible.

Our Brand Portfolio