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Pullman New Delhi Aerocity, New Delhi, India



Team Leader Security



Job Description



  • Keeps an eye for any banned / unwanted person entering the lobby.
  • Inform AMS/SM/SD about any VIP movement in the lobby / hotel.
  • To ensure and coordinate an uninterrupted regular and smooth flow of traffic through the porch with Front office Team.
  • To ensure that no car is permitted to wait in the porch for long periods (5-6 minutes during peak hours and 10-15 minutes during dull periods. Cars with guests sitting inside may be permitted waiting for longer period however ensure they are waiting for more guest to come.
  • To ensure that there should be no car keys inside the cars awaiting handling by the car valets, Keys should be with the Security Guard/SA/Valet on duty.
  • No haphazard parking of cars should take place in or along the porch approach / exit, which could cause obstruction in movement of traffic in the porch subsequently.
  • To ensure that guest is given valet docket against the car key(s) by the valet and exterior/interior of the vehicle is checked to see any damage/suspicious item lying in the car before parking the car. In case of any issue, same should be informed to the Guest.
  • To ensure that Valet is handing over the car to the right guest after checking and matching the valet docket serial number. (As Per Valet Parking LSOP)
  • To ensure that no hotel property is taken out from/through the porch except for guest.
  • Assist the Guest with their luggage or any other requirement/need of the guest.
  • To over-see, handle and report all guests related problems or any unusual incident/happening observed/seen in the porch area to the AMS/SM/SD immediately.


  • No associate leaves in complete / part uniform
  • To ensure that Material and Visitor/vendor Gate Pass Procedures are followed by the deployed team members.
  • Ensure that all records are maintained and deposited at Security Control Room on Daily/Weekly/Monthly Basis.
  • To ensure that no posters are permitted to be posted on neither hotel perimeter wall, nor any wall writings are permitted to be made.
  • To ensure that no one is taking picture/noting/noticing the Security Checking procedure at the gate and approach the person if found someone doing the same.


  • To ensure uninterrupted, regular and smooth flow of vehicular traffic towards the porch through this gate.
  • To ensure that no bicycles or any other load carrying vehicles are permitted to enter through this gate.
  • To restrict and stop all outward associate vehicular movement from this gate. Individual guests / visitors, EXCOM and Sales team if accompanied by guest are only permitted to move through this gate.
  • To ensure that no hotel property is taken out from this gate. In event of any exception to this rule the Security Director will give prior intimation

Guest Floors & Heart of the House:

  • To ensure that no luggage is lying in the Corridor. Incase, of luggage, Bell Desk is informed.
  • No room is lying open unattended.
  • No unauthorized person roaming around in the property.
  • Vendor/Visitor carrying authorized pass.

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