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Pullman New Delhi Aerocity, New Delhi, India



Security Associate



Job Description

  • To ensure that Pullman and Novotel is a secure place. To ensure effective implementation of security system, policies and procedures and maintain hotel security standard as per hotel policy.
  • Floors:-

  • Security Associate would be responsible for security of guest rooms for the particular floor / floors assigned to him/her.
  • Security Associate will patrol the assigned area during his/her duty period and report all Untoward Incidents / Violation of Departmental P&P / Fire, Safety & Security Hazards / Any Breach of Hotel Decorum.
  • Security Associate would provide necessary assistance to any room guest when called or when finds that the guest needs help.
  • Security Associate will also ensure Safety and Security of hotel property for the particular floor / floors (i.e. Telephone, Fixtures, Paintings & all other accessories).
  • Lobby:-

  • Security Associate would be responsible for security of Hotel / Guest property in the Lobby area.
  • To be alert and vigilant during his shift and to be available to the Duty Manager / MOD.
  • Security Associate should also greet all the guests who are coming in contact with appropriate phrases.
  • To keep check & surveillance on undesirable visitor / guest coming into the hotel i.e. Entry Banned Elements, Persistent Troublemaker, Undesirable Female Visitors etc., and report to the on duty Security Executives/Assistant Manager/Manager/Security Director.
  • Security Control Room:-

  • To be the nerve center of the security department and react to various situations and take all necessary steps as per LSOP’s laid or as per instruction of the duty Security Executives/Assistant Manager/Manager/Security Director.
  • Check instruction for the day when mounting on the shift.
  • Answer all telephone calls / queries promptly.
  • Keeps Security Executives/Assistant Manager/Manager/Security Director informed about any incident.
  • Main Porch/Banquet Porch:-

  • Keep an eye for any banned / unwanted person entering the lobby/Convention Halls and inform Security Executive.
  • Ensure that all the Security equipments at the porch are in working condition.
  • Ensure that all the guests are walking through the Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD) and second security check is done by the Security Guard/Lady Security Guard through Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD) incase DFMD gives an alarm.

    Service Gate/Associate Entrance:-

  • Check Identity Cards of all employees coming in. Check and Issue Visitor Cards all visitors as per LSOP.
  • To check all the vehicles are coming in manually, through UVSS/inverted mirror and sniffer dog.
  • To ensure smooth flow of supplier vehicles coming into the hotel / going out from receiving area and check the supply vehicles for any hotel property being carried away. To check the associates and associate vehicles while going off duty, to ensure no hotel / guest property goes out.
  • No associate leaves in complete / part uniform.
  • Main Entrance of the Hotels & Commercial Building:-

  • To ensure uninterrupted, regular and smooth flow of vehicular traffic towards the porch and commercial plaza through these gates.
  • SA to ensure that Guest sitting in the vehicle are welcomed in the Hotel “”Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Sir/Madam, Welcome to Pullman New Delhi Aerocity/Novotel New Delhi Aerocity. Thank you for your corporation in Security Check”.
  • Ensure all vehicles coming in from these gates are thoroughly checked before entering through the UVSS/Inverted Mirror, Manually by the Security Team, Sniffer Dog.
  • Staff Entrance Door:-

  • Ensure that all the Security equipments are in working condition.
  • Take the proper hand over from the previous SA on duty.
  • Ensure who so ever is entering the Staff Entrance gate is carrying an authorized Hotel I-Card/Visitor card/Vendor card etc.
  • Ensure before entering the Staff Entrance Door person is walking through DFMD, frisked through the HHMD and their luggage/ bags etc is checked through the Baggage Scanner.
  • Basement Parking:-

  • Ensure no unauthorized person loiters around/enter the basement, except car valets and chauffeurs.
  • Ensure that cars are been parked/taken out by car valets from the valet parking and chauffeurs from chauffeurs parking only.
  • Ensure that Chauffeurs are sitting in the driver room only.
  • To get the cars parked in a proper order, to ensure that the circuit is left vacant.
  • To properly guide a visitor/guest who wishes to visit the offices/hotel.

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