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Sofitel Al Hamra Beach Resort, Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates



Training Manager


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Job Description

Main Duties:

  • To conduct training needs analysis per year identifying all the training required for the Hotel.
  • To develop a comprehensive training plan of all training activities for the year to be reviewed quarterly and recommendations made where necessary.
  • To liaise with professional bodies, training institutions and consultants to source out and develop with the appropriate program.
  • To assist all departments in preparing for Talent and Culture Management Operations Review including conducting a self-audit for the Training Department.
  • To ensure that the Department’s Operational Budget is strictly adhered to and that all costs are strictly controlled.
  • To plan the Hotel’s Training Budget.
  • To assist the Director of Talent and Culture in the smooth and efficient running of the Talent and Culture Department, ensuring that all the policies and procedures outlined in the Departmental Operations Manual are strictly adhered.
  • To manage and development the ambassadors, ensuring that they are developed to their maximum potential and efficiency and monitor their performance to Stay current with Training Philosophies and Methodologies.
  • To manage an up-to-date Training Resources Centre fully-equipped with training facilities.
  • To ensure the security of training facilities, equipment and materials.
  • To assist the Executive Committee in identifying the training needs within each department.
  • To advise the Director of Talent and Culture of any new support materials that would be beneficial to the Hotel.
  • To respond to changes on the Talent and Culture Functions as dictated by the hotel.
  • To ensure that the recommended quota of Departmental Trainers are trained and maintained for each department.
  • To ensure the maximum utilization of Departmental Trainers are trained and maintained for each department.
  • To regularly audit, evaluate and provide constructive feedback to Departmental Trainers on their performance.
  • To initiate and implement regular training motivational program to motivate Departmental Trainers. To organize regular Recognition Programs for Departmental Trainers.
  • To schedule regular meeting with respective Departmental Trainers and their Department Heads to discuss Training matters.
  • To work the Departmental Trainers and ensure that they submit and conduct Monthly Departmental training Schedules.
  • To plan, implement and monitor in conjunction with other members of the Management Team:
    • Be Magnifique day – Orientation program
    • Be Magnifique upcoming events
    • Be Magnifique Ambassadors program
    • School of Excellence.
    • Hygiene Training
    • Health and Safety Training
    • Language Training program
    • To implement and monitor the companies Training.
    • To co-ordinate and monitor the following training programs:
    • Departmental Management Development Programs
    • Local Management Training Programs.
  • To ensure a strong, creative and effective Ambassador Communication System within the Hotel to keep ambassadors informed on all training activities.
  • To set-up and maintain an efficient filling system for proper maintenance of all training documentation, record and materials.
  • To maintain a systematic administration system for the effective administration of training programs.
  • To maintain the status of the department.
  • To maintain an up-to date computerized Training Record system.
  • To recommend the purchase of training equipment and training materials.
  • To manage and update the training premises, equipment and materials.
  • To maintain a Training Library as part of Developmental and Training tool.
  • To identify candidates both internally and externally for Corporate/Management Training Programs.
  • To draw up appropriate Programs.
  • To hold meetings with Corporate/Management Trainees to discuss areas of accomplishments and concerns and hold learning or sharing experiences sessions. To keep Executive Committee Members and Departments Heads informed of Trainee’s progress.
  • To ensure timely submission of Quarterly Evaluation of these Trainees.
  • To arrange the recruitment/selection of trainees under the Trainee Scheme.
  • To administer/co-ordinate both the “On and Off Job” components of Trainee Scheme.
  • To compile Trainee Programs as necessary.

Diversidade & Inclusão para a Accor significa acolher cada um e respeitar suas diferenças, priorizando apenas qualidades e habilidades na ampliação de oportunidades de emprego e desenvolvimento. Nossa ambição é proporcionar emprego com propósito, e uma cultura acolhedora, excelentes condições de trabalho e promover o desenvolvimento de todas as pessoas, incluindo as pessoas com deficiência. Não hesite em nos informar de quaisquer necessidades específicas que possa ter para que possamos levá-las em consideração.


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