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Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



Chef De partie (Arabic)


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Company Description

Gründe für Accor zu arbeiten?
Wir sind weit mehr als ein weltweit führendes Unternehmen. Wir empfangen Dich so, wie Du bist und bei uns findest Du einen Beruf und eine Marke, die zu Deiner Persönlichkeit passen.
Wir unterstützen Dich dabei, jeden Tag zu wachsen und zu lernen. Wir sorgen dafür, dass Deine Arbeit einen Sinn in Deinem Leben hat und dass Du auf Deiner Reise mit uns die grenzenlosen Möglichkeiten von Accor erkunden kannst.
Bei Accor kannst Du jedes Kapitel Deiner Geschichte selber schreiben, und gemeinsam können wir die Gastronomie und Hotellerie von morgen verändern. Entdecke das Leben, das Dich bei Accor erwartet, besuche https://careers.accor.com/.
Tu das, was Du liebst, trage etwas für die Gemeinschaft in der Welt bei, und wage es den Status quo in Frage zu stellen! #BELIMITLESS

Job Description


1.1.1    Supervising, coordinating and participating in the preparation of mise en place cooking for all F&B outlets.
1.1.2    Controls freshness, preparation techniques and storage of goods used.
1.1.3    To check Demi Chefs / Commis Chefs on his/her section:  e.g. regarding personal hygiene.
1.1.4    To assist the Chef de Cuisine in composing new recipes and menu ideas.
1.1.5    Order and turnover of products in his section through daily inventory lists.
1.1.6    Controls cooking procedures, portioning, garnishing and presentation of all dishes.
1.1.7    Keeps effective contacts with colleagues of other departments.
1.1.8    Is involved on other tasks and cooperates in special projects when required.
1.1.9    Sets up work rosters of his section in consultation with the Sous-Chef.
1.1.10    Allocates different tasks according to the mise en place list.
1.1.11    To consistently provide and maintain the highest standard of guest care and service.
1.1.12    To maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and grooming at all times.
1.1.13    To ensure that your designated uniform is worn well pressed and in a good state of repair.
1.1.14    To familiarize yourself with the Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi Performance & Product Standards and to be able to demonstrate their application consistently.
1.1.15    To have a good knowledge of all Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi facilities and be able to answer guest questions in a quick, polite and helpful manner.
1.1.16    To handle any guest complaints or problems promptly and to ensure that all resolved/unresolved incidents are reported to the Sous-Chef or Chef de Cuisine.
1.1.17    To act on your responsibilities for Health and Safety at work.
1.1.18    To demonstrate a working knowledge of fire prevention and to follow the     
1.1.19     Restaurant evacuation plan on hearing the alarm.
1.1.20    To be security conscious with respect to guest, staff and Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi property/welfare and to report suspicious circumstances to your Sous-Chef or Chef de Cuisine.
1.1.21    Check all food preparation to determine the type and quality of items to be prepared.
1.1.22    Work to the specifications received by the Sous-Chef regarding portion size, quantity and quality as laid down in the recipe index.
1.1.23    Preparation and compilation of staff meals.
1.1.24    Observes and tastes the food during preparation.
1.1.25    Ensures that food orders are prepared efficiently and within a reasonable period of time.
1.1.26    Ensures that hot dishes leave the Kitchen at the correct temperature.
1.1.27    Take orders from his/her Executive Sous Chef and carry them out in the correct manner.
1.1.28    Together with his/her Commis to write daily wine, dry store, food requisitions and kitchen transfers on the appropriate forms for the approval of the her/ Executive Sous Chef in order to achieve the high stock rotation desired in his/her section.
1.1.29    Ensures that staff handles and uses kitchen utensils and equipment properly.
1.1.30    Ensures cleanliness of all utensils, cooking equipment, working tables and fridges, and so on.
1.1.31    Ensures that the Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi Cost Control policies and procedures are followed.
1.1.32    Other duties and responsibilities which might be assigned from time to time by the her Executive Sous Chef.
1.1.33    When requested will be production chef during afternoon mise en place.
1.1.34    To monitor all costs and recommend measures to control them. To establish an integrated cost management plan through product lining and minimal inventories.
1.1.35    To ensure that the Department Operational Budget is strictly adhered to.
1.1.36    To monitor all cost and recommend / institute measures to control them.
1.1.37    To review monthly forecasts and schedule resources accordingly.
1.1.38    To assign responsibilities to subordinates and to check their performance periodically.
1.1.39    To identify and develop young talents within the organization for future potential growth within the group
1.1.40    To support staff needs in other Divisions based on the hotel priorities and anticipated business levels.
1.1.41    To check incoming ingredients, ensure that all merchandise is in accordance with order sheets and receiving records in collaboration with Purchase Manager.
1.1.42    To ensure orderly handling of all products and check that quantities prepared are according to recipes and plate specifications.
1.1.43    To prepare and supervise daily mise en place and assure that all sections are ready supplied with fresh and high quality products based on anticipated business levels.
1.1.44    To be available and on duty during peak periods (frequently opening and closing the operation) 
1.1.45    To encourage creativity among his team. 
1.1.46    To ensure that Departmental Operations Manuals are prepared and updated annually.
1.1.47    To attend weekly Food & Beverage Meeting.
1.1.48    To understand and strictly adhere to the Rules & Regulations established in the Employees Handbook and the Hotel’s policy on Fire, Hygiene, Health and Safety.
1.1.49    Must be an example of the Rixos Values, Brand Standards, and a champion of appearance and hygiene guidelines.
1.1.50    Implements guidelines, policies and procedures for those operating departments according to Rixos Guidelines & Standards.
1.1.51    Must apply the Rixos Food & Beverage rituals.
1.1.52    To attend and contribute to all staff meetings Departmental and Hotel trainings scheduled and other related activities.
1.1.53    To fully support the Departmental Trainers function in the Department assigned.
1.1.54    To undertake any reasonable tasks and secondary duties as assigned


General knowledge of food and beverage industry and kitchen skills would be an advantage. Previous experience in the Hotel industry would also be beneficial. Able to display good personal skills and knowledge of the industry and be able to learn and grow in this role.

Additional Information

Ihr Team und Arbeitsumfeld:
In 1-2 Sätzen stellen Sie das Team, das Hotel oder den Arbeitsplatz so vor, dass sie die Kultur widerspiegeln
Hinweis: Die Anpassung kann an spezifische lokale oder gesetzliche Anforderungen erfolgen, wie z.B. Arbeitserlaubnis
Unser Engagement für Diversity & Inclusion:
Wir sind ein integratives Unternehmen und unser Ziel ist es, vielfältige Talente anzuziehen, zu rekrutieren und zu fördern.

Diversidade & Inclusão para a Accor significa acolher cada um e respeitar suas diferenças, priorizando apenas qualidades e habilidades na ampliação de oportunidades de emprego e desenvolvimento. Nossa ambição é proporcionar emprego com propósito, e uma cultura acolhedora, excelentes condições de trabalho e promover o desenvolvimento de todas as pessoas, incluindo as pessoas com deficiência. Não hesite em nos informar de quaisquer necessidades específicas que possa ter para que possamos levá-las em consideração.


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