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Rixos Bab Al Bahr, Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates



Telecommunications Agent


Luxury & Lifestyle

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Company Description

We are far more than the worldwide leader. We welcome you as you are and you can find a job and brand that matches your personality. We support you to grow and learn every day, making sure that work brings purpose to your life, so that during your journey with us, you can continue to explore Accor’s limitless possibilities. By joining Accor every chapter of your story is yours to write, and together we can imagine tomorrow’s hospitality.

Rixos Bab Al Bahr is a luxury hotel chain providing a traditional Turkish hospitality in an excellent manner. changing the concept of a real luxury by giving a new meaning of the all-inclusive holiday concept through providing a unique experience.


  • Competitive Salary
  • Duty Meals provided; breakfast/lunch/dinner/midnight meal + coffee breaks
  • Vacation tickets /benefits provided by the hotel
  • Medical Insurance Provided

Job Description


1.1.1    Receive each guest call in a professional and friendly manner.
1.1.2    Maintain effective communication with all related department to ensure smooth service delivery.
1.1.3    Handle every query in a polite and courteous manner and exceed guest expectations.
1.1.4    Ensure guests are greeted by name upon calling as per Rixos Standards.
1.1.5    Maintain an up to date knowledge of the hotel and local services.
1.1.6    Maintain an awareness of guest profile through the fidelio guest profile system.
1.1.7    Complete management's long distance call vouchers and record them on the traffic sheet.
1.1.8    Maintain the guest wake up call sheet and deliver calls accordingly on time and to the established standard.
1.1.9    Ensure the proper operation of the switchboard, resulting in fast and efficient transferring of internal and external calls
1.1.10    Take messages for guests and management as per the required standard
1.1.11    Ensure all external and internal calls are answered as laid out in the procedure and ensure efficient connection with the correct person.
1.1.12    Be aware at all times of the whereabouts of the managers and where to contact them.
1.1.13    Monitor the logs of long distance calls, faxes and messages.
1.1.14    Co-ordinate communication within the hotel in the event of an emergency.
1.1.15    Be fully aware of the Rixelence for the day
1.1.16    Proper grooming at all times
1.1.17    Attend training classes as per schedule
1.1.18    Show fullest cooperation and respect within the team and other departments 
1.1.19    Is aware of the daily activities and has product knowledge of all the hotel facilities


  1. High School Diploma or Equivalent:

    • A high school diploma or its equivalent is usually the minimum educational requirement.
  2. Post-Secondary Education:

    • While not always mandatory, having some post-secondary education in a relevant field such as hospitality management, communications, or information technology can be advantageous.
  3. Hospitality Management Courses:

    • Taking courses in hospitality management can provide a solid understanding of the hotel industry, customer service, and communication skills.
  4. Communication Skills:

    • Strong communication skills are essential for a Telecommunications Agent. This includes verbal communication as well as written communication for handling emails, messages, and other forms of communication.
  5. Customer Service Training:

    • Training or courses in customer service can be beneficial, as Telecommunications Agents often interact with guests and must provide excellent service.
  6. Computer Skills:

    • Proficiency in using hotel management software, reservation systems, and other relevant computer applications is often required.
  7. Telephone Etiquette:

    • Knowledge of proper telephone etiquette and the ability to handle a high volume of calls efficiently and professionally.
  8. Problem-Solving Skills:

    • The ability to quickly and effectively address guest concerns or technical issues related to telecommunications.
  9. Multilingual Skills:

    • Depending on the hotel's location and clientele, being multilingual can be a significant asset in communicating with a diverse range of guests.
    • Russian language is an asset.
  10. Technical Knowledge:

    • Basic technical knowledge related to telecommunications equipment and systems used in the hotel.

Diversidade & Inclusão para a Accor significa acolher cada um e respeitar suas diferenças, priorizando apenas qualidades e habilidades na ampliação de oportunidades de emprego e desenvolvimento. Nossa ambição é proporcionar emprego com propósito, e uma cultura acolhedora, excelentes condições de trabalho e promover o desenvolvimento de todas as pessoas, incluindo as pessoas com deficiência. Não hesite em nos informar de quaisquer necessidades específicas que possa ter para que possamos levá-las em consideração.


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