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Director of Quality


Luxury & Lifestyle

Company Description

Join us at Accor, where life pulses with passion!

As a pioneer in the art of responsible hospitality, the Accor Group gathers more than 45 brands, 5,600 hotels, 10,000 restaurants, and lifestyle destinations in 110 countries. While each brand has its own personality, where you will be able to truly find yourself, they all share a common ambition: to keep innovating and challenging the status-quo.​

By joining us, you will become a Heartist®, because hospitality is, first and foremost, a work of heart.​

You will join a caring environment and a team where you can be all you are. You will be in a supportive place to grow, to fulfil yourself, to discover other professions and to pursue career opportunities, in your hotel or in other hospitality environments, in your country or anywhere in the world!​

You will enjoy exclusive benefits, specific to the sector and beyond, as well as strong recognition for your daily commitment.​

Everything you will do with us, regardless of your profession, will offer a deep sense of meaning, to create lasting, memorable and impactful experiences for your customers, for your colleagues and for the planet.

Hospitality is a work of heart,
Join us and become a Heartist®.

Job Description

    1. Responsible for following Facility Quality Main Targets and other process targets which belong to related process.
    2. Realize necessary trainings and support by identifying and planning necessary trainings which are necessary for Quality Management System.
    3. Support to identify and prepare needed documents and quality records to process owners within Quality Management System requirements.
    4. Responsible for publishing the documents in accordance with Quality Management System, providing information flow between departments, and checking whether implementing archive period.
    5. Monitor efficiency of Quality Management System documents in implementation and report to dependant on department.
    6. Monitor process performances and interactions between the processes in accordance with Quality Management System requirements.
    7. Performed by Food Engineer who depends on him/herself;
  • Control, monitoring and validation actions,
  • Actions of monitoring and related control processes in order to lead the system in every point which effects food safety such as receiving area for foods and beverages, transportation, stores, preparation areas, buffets etc.,
  • Routine control period of all cleanliness actions, personnel hygiene, personnel opportunities etc. in related to Food Safety areas,
  • Taking samples of food, drinking water, potable water, surfaces which contacts to foods, personnel hands, raw materials for microbiological laboratory analysis and/or in case of necessary situations,
  • Taking representative samples actions,
  • Organize routine controls of drinking water, personnel hands and surfaces which are contacted to foods with practical swabs, monitor the results, provide monitoring efficiency of planned actions and comment and report. Interfere to process in case of necessity.
    1. Meet the guests directly in case of necessity related to Food Safety complaints which are coming from the guests.
    2. Follow legal regulations and standards related to his/her matter and share.
    3. Check the operational suitability of Tour Operators Federation standards; provide information flow with related process owners and taking actions.
    4. To be available in the facility during Quality Management System Certification audit and succeeding audits.



  • nationality: Turkish nationality
  • Education: 4-year bachelor's degree from veterinary faculty or equal faculty.
  • Experience: At least 3 years of work experience.
  • Foreign Language: Sufficient level of foreign language to be able to report within international standards.
  • Courses: Total Quality Management System, Food Safety Management System and Internal Auditor certificate and certification.
  • Computer Literacy: MS Office applications.
  • Skills: Good representation, good communication skills, ability to create systems, interrogative, leadership, problem-solving in times of crisis, excess stress and complex issues, analytical, good interpersonal skills, ability to establish open communication, delegation, problem-solving. Master the regulations and procedures about his/her job and other internal processes. Have knowledge of other processes which affect his/her job.

Additional Information

2.23 Implement his responsibilities in order to eliminate and collect waste in a proper way,
reduce environmental pollution and harmful effects to the environment and lead to
2.24 Provide carrying chemicals safely, carrying, storing and using in accordance with
laws, controlling reducing chemical dirtiness.
2.25 Carry out all responsibilities related to the quality management and food safety
management systems implemented at the facility.
2.26 Carry out all other duties assigned by managers and hotel management not specified
in the job description.

Diversidade & Inclusão para a Accor significa acolher cada um e respeitar suas diferenças, priorizando apenas qualidades e habilidades na ampliação de oportunidades de emprego e desenvolvimento. Nossa ambição é proporcionar emprego com propósito, e uma cultura acolhedora, excelentes condições de trabalho e promover o desenvolvimento de todas as pessoas, incluindo as pessoas com deficiência. Não hesite em nos informar de quaisquer necessidades específicas que possa ter para que possamos levá-las em consideração.


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