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Mövenpick Hotel and Residences Riyadh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



Chef De Partie - pastry



Company Description


Our Vision, we make moments


Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts (MH&R) is in the “moments” business. We’re intimately involved in important times in our guests lives. And you never know when a moment can be made. A simple smile in the lobby can create the positivity that turns a business trip into a new business celebration. An insider tip on the best way to spend a day can make an entire holiday. A romantic dinner for two can lead to a longer term partnership.


It doesn’t take much to make a moment. Just to be genuine. And human. And warm. And take steps to do the ordinary in an extraordinary way.


We understand that this vision cannot be achieved without great people who create and support work environments designed to produce exceptional results. 

Job Description

The Role


To supervise the assigned station / section, produce a consistent, high quality product, ensure a courteous, professional, efficient and flexible service consistent with Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts Standards Policies & Procedures in order to maximize guest satisfaction.


Key Deliverables and Responsibilities


Planning & Organizing:

  1. The ability to utilize information on forecasts and reports to enable the planning of a smooth uninterrupted operation and service our guests; i.e. food production, purchasing & manpower planning. 
  2. The ability to make requisitions of all items needed for the next day, with the assistance of the Sous Chef or senior Chef on duty.
  3. The ability to prioritise, plan and organise your and your teams daily tasks in order to ensure on time delivery as required.




  1. The ability to motivate, supervise and be a role model for employees to follow and learn from.
  2. The ability to run the day to day operation of any area of the kitchen in the absence of Sous Chef or senior Chef on duty.
  3. The ability to taste and season the food appropriately and to ensure it is well presented and of the standard and quality required before serving it to the guest.
  4. The ability to distribute work equally to employees and follow up instructions as per hotel standards.
  5. The ability to train and develop junior chefs.
  6. The ability to expedite the “food pass” for a la carte restaurants.
  7. The ability to communicate and pass on information and confirm the comprehension of information (conduct kitchen briefings) with staff and ensure a smooth uninterrupted operation and service to our guests
  8. The ability to discipline and ensure the quality of employee's work in the absence of a senior Chef.
  9. The ability to act as a liaison between the Executive Chef, Executive Sous Chef and other senior Chefs and the line employees.
  10. The ability to create, prepare and present menu items and specials as well as recipe preparation and cost calculation.
  11. The ability to prepare fermented goods, baked products, cakes, pastries, puddings and desserts using classical and traditional Western Food Techniques.
  12. To report in the kitchen at your station at scheduled times regardless of beginning of shift or returning from meal break
  13. The ability to follow instruction and work closely with the senior chef, Executive Sous Chef and Executive Chef.
  14. The ability to work as directed on station of assignment under the appropriate senior chef.
  15. To report in the kitchen at your station at scheduled times regardless of beginning off shift or returning from meal break.
  16. To wear uniforms according to Mövenpick standards.
  17. The ability to work closely with standard recipes, photos and plate presentations in order to maintain quality standards and presentation in accordance with  Mövenpick established guidelines and standards
  18. The ability to work neatly and clean; keeping all work areas and refrigerators organized and in accordance with sanitary requirements. “First in First Out” &  “If you make the mess, you clean it up”
  19. The ability to follow HACCP guidelines and municipality regulations at all times.
  20. The ability to follow clean as you go policy and keep work area clean at all times.
  21. The ability and desire to proactively learn, test and sample (eat) all world cuisines by whatever means possible whether through hotel programs and training or self-taught research and development.
  22. The ability to keep waste to a minimum and work in a proactive manner to assist in meeting budgeted food cost levels
  23. The ability to maintain a cooperative working relationship with fellow employees
  24. The ability to perform other tasks or projects as assigned by hotel management and staff
  25. The ability to leave enough mise en place for the next shift and utilize formalized production lists and following a shift-handover SOP
  26. The ability to accommodate all food server's requests when possible regarding guest's dietary requirements, personal preference and requests
  27. The ability to handle and rotate food according to established procedures.
  28. The ability to maintain the work area and equipment in a safe and sanitary manner.
  29. The ability to maintain a positive attitude and a professional disposition.
  30. The ability to maintain a full line of communication with supervisors and fellow workers and all hotel associates.
  31. The ability to prepare and plate items (food orders) received from F&B staff regardless of hand-written or computer printed media in a timely and accurate manner.
  32. The ability to work closely with the senior chef in preparing mise en place.
  33. The ability to check and complete mise en place pars in setting up the station.
  34. The ability to turn off all equipment ensuring no safety hazard has been left behind
  35. The ability to set up station properly and on time for each service period.
  36. The ability to make sure all food is prepared by recipes designated by the Sous Chef or senior chef.
  37. The ability to make sure quality and quantity meets our standard.
  38. The ability to notify Sous Chef or senior chef of any problems or complaints as when they arise.
  39. The ability to not leave your section without doing the final check.
  40. The ability to be able to work in another area when needed and take part in cross training when directed.
  41. The ability to be able to assist in same day preparation and advance preparation for another station as instructed by the supervisor
  42. The ability to all food items for storage must be covered, dated and labelled according established guidelines, standards and checklists.
  43. The ability to be able to work unsupervised.
  44. The ability to be able to be flexible to the business demands and working hours.
  45. The ability to; throughout the working day switch off and clean oven tops, kitchen equipment and work areas as well as all work surfaces.
  46. The ability to be able to assist and direct the stewards with the daily cleaning tasks.
  47. Breaks and meals, as laid down in the LSOP. 2 x 15 min. and 1 x 30 min. for lunch and dinner, depending on hours of work
  48. Follow all kitchen regulations as outlined and directed
  49. Swipe in and out has to be done in uniform, not before getting changed.


  1. The ability to verify that all scheduled staff are present and signed-in.
  2. The ability to perform administrative duties (paper work) i.e. food transfers, human resource forms, scheduling and recipes.
  3. The ability to communicate with the Executive Chef, Executive Sous Chef or Senior Chef on the performance of all employees and of the work performed.
  4. The ability to display an interest in all kitchen and hotel activities and help colleagues when and where ever possible.
  5. The ability to respond properly in any hotel emergency or safety situation.
  6. The ability to handle and rotate food according to established procedures
  7. The ability to be able to come to any and all kitchen meetings whilst on duty or otherwise.
  8. The ability to sign acceptance for tools, knives, uniforms etc. and will pay back to the company for any loss or damage of said equipment.
  9. Fill out the appropriate log sheets according our standard on a daily base
  10. Be aware of accident prevention and help enforce safe work habits – Zero accidents is our goal.
  11. No employee to be on the property after working hours without signed authorisation from a Manager except for meals in the staff cafeteria.
  12. Overtime will be approved on business demands by the Chef de Cuisine or Executive Chef. 
  13. Any violation of the above mentioned rules will be subject to disciplinary action.





Additional Information

•    Strong leadership and interpersonal skills
•    Excellent communication and customer contact skills
•    Results and service oriented with an eye for details
•    Ability to multi-task, work well in stressful & high-pressure situations
•    A team player & builder
•    A motivator & self-starter
•    Well-presented and professionally groomed at all times

Diversidade & Inclusão para a Accor significa acolher cada um e respeitar suas diferenças, priorizando apenas qualidades e habilidades na ampliação de oportunidades de emprego e desenvolvimento. Nossa ambição é proporcionar emprego com propósito, e uma cultura acolhedora, excelentes condições de trabalho e promover o desenvolvimento de todas as pessoas, incluindo as pessoas com deficiência. Não hesite em nos informar de quaisquer necessidades específicas que possa ter para que possamos levá-las em consideração.


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