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Shaden Resort, AlUla, Saudi Arabia



Accounts Payable



Company Description

Join us at Accor, where life pulses with passion!

As a pioneer in the art of responsible hospitality, the Accor Group gathers more than 45 brands, 5,600 hotels, 10,000 restaurants, and lifestyle destinations in 110 countries. While each brand has its own personality, where you will be able to truly find yourself, they all share a common ambition: to keep innovating and challenging the status-quo.​

By joining us, you will become a Heartist®, because hospitality is, first and foremost, a work of heart.​

You will join a caring environment and a team where you can be all you are. You will be in a supportive place to grow, to fulfil yourself, to discover other professions and to pursue career opportunities, in your hotel or in other hospitality environments, in your country or anywhere in the world!​

You will enjoy exclusive benefits, specific to the sector and beyond, as well as strong recognition for your daily commitment.​

Everything you will do with us, regardless of your profession, will offer a deep sense of meaning, to create lasting, memorable and impactful experiences for your customers, for your colleagues and for the planet.

Hospitality is a work of heart,
Join us and become a Heartist®.

Job Description


What is in it for you:

  • ‏أطلق العنان للإثارة: مكافآت مغرية ومزايا لا تقبل المنافسة في انتظارك!‏
  • ‏أشعل مهاراتك مع أكاديمياتنا المتطورة للنمو المهني السريع.‏
  • ‏صقل مواهبك وشاهد حياتك المهنية تزدهر محليا وعالميا.‏
  • ‏قيادة التغيير من خلال أنشطة المسؤولية الاجتماعية للشركات المؤثرة.‏
  • ‏انغمس في بيئة عمل نابضة بالحياة مع زملاء غير عاديين.‏
  • ‏انضم إلينا على طريق مباشر للنجاح بينما نرتقي إلى آفاق جديدة!‏

‏المسؤوليات الرئيسية:‏

  • Supervise the accounts payable team, providing guidance, support, and training as needed to ensure that invoices are processed accurately and efficiently.
  • Review and approve invoices for payment, ensuring that they are properly coded, authorized, and supported by appropriate documentation.
  • Coordinate with vendors and internal departments to resolve invoice discrepancies, disputes, and payment issues in a timely and professional manner.
  • Maintain accurate records of accounts payable transactions, including invoice receipts, approvals, and payments, and ensure that they are properly documented and archived.
  • Monitor accounts payable aging reports to identify overdue invoices and take appropriate actions to ensure timely payment and avoid late fees or penalties.
  • Develop and implement accounts payable policies, procedures, and internal controls to minimize errors, fraud, and compliance risks.
  • Stay updated on industry best practices and technological advancements in accounts payable automation and software, and incorporate new knowledge into the resort's operations as appropriate.
  • Prepare regular reports and analyses of accounts payable activities, trends, and performance metrics for management review and decision-making purposes.
  • Liaise with the accounting department and other internal stakeholders to ensure accurate recording and reporting of accounts payable transactions in the general ledger.

Additional Information

Your team and working environment:
In 1-2 sentences, introduce the team, property or office environment in a way that reflects the culture
Note: Customization may be included for any specific local or legislative requirements, such as work permits
Our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion:
We are an inclusive company and our ambition is to attract, recruit and promote diverse talent.

La diversité et l’inclusion pour Accor, c’est accueillir chacun et chacune dans le respect de ses différences en donnant la priorité aux seules qualités et compétences. Notre ambition est de développer l’emploi, mieux accueillir, offrir d’excellentes conditions de travail et  favoriser l’évolution de l’ensemble des collaborateurs et notamment des personnes en situation de handicap. N’hésitez pas à nous faire part de vos éventuels besoins spécifiques afin que nous puissions les prendre en considération lors de votre processus de recrutement.


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