What's in it for You ?

Do what you love. Care for the world. Dare to challenge the status quo! 

Our objective is simple: make you grow and give you the spark to unleash your personality, so you have a smile on your way to work.
Be All You       Are     
We believe in strength in unity, and power  in diversity. What that means is a culture
of inclusion that welcomes everyone, regardless of race,  gender, background, or… anything really! Add your voice  to 120 cultures and countries..
So be ALL you are, and dare to be who you want.
Be ALL You Are
Grow, Learn & Enjoy!
Join the world’s leading school for lifestyle and hospitality. Acquire new expertise and enjoy
lifelong learning, with courses tailored to your career  and interest.
Work isn’ t work if its something you love so join us and  you join a community. Live your best life and explore the world with our special employee benefits. 
Work With Purpose
Caring for others is our superpower!
We create memories that stay, connect people
and cultures, and make the world that much smaller,  everyday.
Want to give back? Roll up your sleeves and change  the world for good, with industry-leading programs  to protect our planet and act as social elevators
for our communities.
Explore Limitless Possibilities
We’re so much more than hotels -we’re creating  innovative lifestyle experiences, whether you live, work or play. Blaze your own trail from 40 + hotel brands,  restaurants, nightclubs, spas, co-working spaces, and tech start-ups. 
Have a passion or want to change your passion?
Challenge yourself and switch between jobs, brands,  and career paths.
290 500 Heartists
+123 600 recruitments in 2022
8.6/10 Heartists Engagement Score
92% of Employees consider that Accor values & encourages diversity
97% of head office Heartists took part in "Schools For Change" training
30 years of the Accor Academy
+99 600 hours of training and +14 700 Heartists trained

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Commitment is structured around 4 priorities:
Gender Equality; Social, Ethnic, Racial and Cultural Diversity; People with Disabilities; and LGBTQI+.
... and 8 Commitments

1. Combating all forms of discrimination;​
2. Opportunities for all;
3. Diversity training and awareness-raising for employees;
4. Publicising the actions we take to promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion;
5. Sharing our demands;
6. Reflecting diversity in our offer of products and services;
7. Encouraging debate and assessing our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives;
8. Effective governance for strategy and monitoring​. 

Some concrete examples:

Our Accor Heartist Solidarity endowment fund supports the Group's employees and its partners with their solidarity initiatives. It helps combat the economic and social exclusion of vulnerable people.
Riise is a commitment supported by our Group’s 26,000+ members - of which 50% are men, which strives to combat stereotypes, everyday sexism, and sexual harassment.

Rewards and Recognition

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Bernaches Awards

Accor is proud to be able to reward and promote the excellence of its employees, individually or collectively.
Every year for over 30 years, the Group has been highlighting the talent of its hotels and head offices teams by rewarding their outstanding projects through the Bernaches Awards.
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All Heartists Program

Accor values all its employees and gives them access to a unique selection of benefits. The ALL Heartists program enables them to benefit from preferential rates and flash offers at Group hotels worldwide, from luxury to economy, as well as exclusive offers with many partners. It's an opportunity for them to enjoy unforgettable stays and experiences all year round!