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Raffles Seychelles, Baie Ste Anne, Seychelles



Senior Technician - Mason


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Job Description

Under direction, performs all general masonry work involved in the maintenance and construction of block, stone, and brick structures; constructs and repairs concrete structures; works with various machine and hand tools common to the masonry trade; may prepare or work from sketches, plans, and specifications in accord with the building code or accepted trade practices; takes the lead over and gives suitable assignments to those assigned as helpers; does other related duties


  1. You are required to take proper care of all material and tool.
  2. Cut materials with hand and power tools.
  3. Laying tiles with high quality of finishing work acceptable for a 5* property
  4. Should be able to assist in other finishing work like varnishing and painting.
  5. Read plans and specification to determine the material required, dimension and installation process.
  6. You are required to keep your working environment clean and tidy free from all potential hazard
  7. You will be required to follow any other instructions and to perform any other related duties as assigned by the management.  The hotel reserves the right to update, revise or change this job description and related duties at any time.    
  8. Constructs block, stone, and brick walls, manholes, chimneys, columns, partitions, and other structures by establishing grade, setting lines, constructing forms, determining and mixing or supervising the mixing of cement or mortar, pouring footings or foundation, and laying block, stone, and brick.
  9. Erects or supervises the erection of scaffolding and ramps and finishing of joints. Builds or lays concrete structures such as sidewalks, porches, stairs, and floors by laying out and setting forms, establishing pitch, preparing base, mixing concrete, pouring, and finishing the surface.
  10. Point’s brickwork or stone structures; patches plaster or stucco walls and ceilings, and repairs cracked or broken concrete structures. Uses trowels, joiners, edgers, chisels, levels, plumb bobs, vibrators, and concrete mixers. Mixes cement mortar, lime, and lime mortar. Slakes lime and tempers mortar.
  11. May prepare or work from sketches, plans, and specifications in accord with the building code or approved trade practices. Makes time and materials estimates.



  1. Sound knowledge in masonry work
  2. Knowledge in basic health and safety related to this field and you are require to abide to. 

Additional Information


  • Proficient in all aspects of area of expertise
  • Ability to work independently with good interpersonal skills
  • A creative, practical and pro-active approach to problem solving
  • Co-operate with all associates to ensure the department operates as a team
  • An energetic and dynamic personality


La diversité et l’inclusion pour Accor, c’est accueillir chacun et chacune dans le respect de ses différences en donnant la priorité aux seules qualités et compétences. Notre ambition est de développer l’emploi, mieux accueillir, offrir d’excellentes conditions de travail et  favoriser l’évolution de l’ensemble des collaborateurs et notamment des personnes en situation de handicap. N’hésitez pas à nous faire part de vos éventuels besoins spécifiques afin que nous puissions les prendre en considération lors de votre processus de recrutement.


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