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Rixos Premium Magawish Suites and Villas, Hurghada, Egypt



Romanian Guest Relation


Luxury & Lifestyle

Company Description

Join us at Accor, where life pulses with passion!

As a pioneer in the art of responsible hospitality, the Accor Group gathers more than 45 brands, 5,600 hotels, 10,000 restaurants, and lifestyle destinations in 110 countries. While each brand has its own personality, where you will be able to truly find yourself, they all share a common ambition: to keep innovating and challenging the status-quo.​

By joining us, you will become a Heartist®, because hospitality is, first and foremost, a work of heart.​

You will join a caring environment and a team where you can be all you are. You will be in a supportive place to grow, to fulfil yourself, to discover other professions and to pursue career opportunities, in your hotel or in other hospitality environments, in your country or anywhere in the world!​

You will enjoy exclusive benefits, specific to the sector and beyond, as well as strong recognition for your daily commitment.​

Everything you will do with us, regardless of your profession, will offer a deep sense of meaning, to create lasting, memorable and impactful experiences for your customers, for your colleagues and for the planet.

Hospitality is a work of heart,
Join us and become a Heartist®.

Job Description

    1. Closely deal with all requests, problems and needs of guests staying at Rixos Hotels Egypt and find solutions to problems, focusing on guest satisfaction.
    2. Listen attentively to guests to get an effective customer-oriented perspective and handle complaints properly.
    3. Handle guest complaints and find solutions. Report any problems that take time to solve to his/her immediate and follow-up on the matter.
    4. Greet guests that will check-in at the reception in coordination with the Front Office Department and, if possible, accompany the guests to their room and call them during the day to ask for any needs they may have.
    5. Make “Guest Contacts” during the day in an effort to identify the level of guest satisfaction and, if any, complaints, suggestions and problems, and find solutions to these.
    6. Write down any comments, requests, suggestions and complaints received from guests during the day into the “Through Our Guests’ Eyes” report together with their answers and actions.
    7. Ask guests to fill out a questionnaire during the day. Assess the results of the questionnaire. Translate them into English and e-mail them to all of the department managers.
    8. Identify the special days of guests such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc., make the necessary organisation together with the related departments and monitor the organisation.
    9. Work in coordination with all departments and ensure the flow of necessary information.
    10. Take all special orders from guests such as birthday cakes, flowers etc., inform the necessary departments and ensure that the order is delivered to the guest.
    11. Ensure that requests for a babysitter, plane or coach ticket, restaurant reservation, medication etc. placed by guests are met as soon as possible.
    12. Follow the VIP procedures and greet VIP guests and bid them farewell.
    13. Walk agency representatives and potential guests around the facility.
    14. Prepare written documents for activities to be announced to guests. Ensure that these documents are distributed to guest rooms with the help of the related departments.
    15. Handle guest requests for the A la Carte restaurants and fill out a reservation form for each A la Carte restaurant and inform the F&B Department.
    16. Observe the overall guest satisfaction during the activities and in the areas throughout the day and report to the Guest Relations Manager/Supervisor about the atmosphere.
    17. Have detailed knowledge of all physical features of the facility as well as all activities/services offered at the facility.
    18. Support hotel sales. Is authorised to sell charged services.
    19. Take part in the Emergency Response Teams.
    20. Keep any items that guests lose in the facility or forget in their room when checking-out. Deliver any lost and found to guests still at the hotel or send them by mail.
    21. Respond to guest inquiry forms and all written suggestions, complaints etc.
    22. Provide guidance to guests for any diseases or health problems that guests may encounter and, if necessary, call a doctor and an ambulance. Monitor and report the incident to the Guest Relations Manager.
    23. Be open to all developments related to the profession. Closely keep track of the developments so as to contribute to finding solutions.
    24. Take part in training programmes and departmental internal communication meetings.
    25. Due to being in direct contact with guests, must always look clean, neat and fresh.
    26. To predict that all activities and to be purchased all equipment and belongings may create disease for the environment, to join all activities which is organized to protect biological diversity and shares the responsibilities, shares the individual responsibilities in order to increase environment knowledge and to carry on necessary trainings. To provide minimum consumption currently used all stuffs and equipment (paper, printed out etc.).
    27. To implement necessary warnings and departmental trainings in order to save energy inside the facility. To carry on implementing decisions which were taken for saving energy. To predict effects of environment and efficiency of energy on purchased equipment.
    28. To implement his responsibilities in order to eliminate and collect waste in a proper way, reduce environmental pollution and harmful effects to the environment.
    29. Carry out all responsibilities related to the quality management and food safety management systems implemented at the facilities.
    30. Carry out all other duties assigned by managers and hotel management not specified in the job description.
    31. Carry out all responsibilities related to Protection from pandemic disease & action response implemented at the facilities



  • Education: At least a high school diploma.
  • Experience: At least 2 years of experience in the industry.
  • Foreign Language: Proficiency in English to communicate with guests and understand the professional terminology related to the devices and equipment used and a good command of Arabic, German,Romanian or Russian.
  • Courses and Training: Prior attendance in seminars and trainings related to the job.
  • Computer Literacy: MS Office applications, Front Office programmes (Fidelio, Opera etc.).
  • Skills: Is familiar with guest profiles based on his/her experience. Instructs colleagues that are less experienced on how to address guests. Expected to use complex devices and equipment related to the job. Expected to possess technical knowledge about the methods, techniques and processes related to the job Expected to perform jobs that require experience in the field, concern more than one unit/process, and are similar in nature.

Additional Information

2.23 Implement his responsibilities in order to eliminate and collect waste in a proper way,
reduce environmental pollution and harmful effects to the environment and lead to
2.24 Provide carrying chemicals safely, carrying, storing and using in accordance with
laws, controlling reducing chemical dirtiness.
2.25 Carry out all responsibilities related to the quality management and food safety
management systems implemented at the facility.
2.26 Carry out all other duties assigned by managers and hotel management not specified
in the job description.

La diversité et l’inclusion pour Accor, c’est accueillir chacun et chacune dans le respect de ses différences en donnant la priorité aux seules qualités et compétences. Notre ambition est de développer l’emploi, mieux accueillir, offrir d’excellentes conditions de travail et  favoriser l’évolution de l’ensemble des collaborateurs et notamment des personnes en situation de handicap. N’hésitez pas à nous faire part de vos éventuels besoins spécifiques afin que nous puissions les prendre en considération lors de votre processus de recrutement.


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