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Shaden Resort, AlUla, Saudi Arabia



Human Resources Supervisor



Company Description

"Why work for Accor?
We are far more than a worldwide leader. We welcome you as you are and you can find a job and brand that matches your personality. We support you to grow and learn every day, making sure that work brings purpose to your life, so that during your journey with us, you can continue to explore Accor’s limitless possibilities.
By joining Accor, every chapter of your story is yours to write and together we can imagine tomorrow's hospitality. Discover the life that awaits you at Accor, visit https://careers.accor.com/
Do what you love, care for the world, dare to challenge the status quo! #BELIMITLESS"

Job Description

The Human Resources Supervisor in a hotel is responsible for overseeing a wide range of responsibilities aimed at effectively organizing and managing human resources according to the hotel's needs and requirements. These responsibilities may include:

  1. Developing and implementing HR strategies: Developing plans and strategies for hiring, training, and developing employees in line with the hotel's goals and requirements.

  2. Recruitment and selection of staff: Managing recruitment processes including job preparation, attracting candidates, conducting interviews, and selecting the best candidates who fit the hotel's culture.

  3. Performance management and evaluation: Implementing regular performance evaluation systems for employees and providing constructive feedback to improve their performance and develop their skills.

  4. Policy and procedure development: Developing and updating HR policies and procedures to ensure employee compliance and alignment with local and international labor laws.

  5. Employee management and labor relations: Dealing with employee issues and resolving disputes effectively, ensuring a healthy and motivating work environment.

  6. Organizing training and development: Organizing training programs and workshops to develop employees' skills and enhance their performance.

  7. Wage and benefits management: Determining wages and developing reward and benefit systems that are competitive and align with market standards.

  8. Compliance with labor legislation: Ensuring the hotel's compliance with all local and international labor laws and regulations, and applying them correctly.

In summary, the Human Resources Supervisor in a hotel is responsible for achieving a balance between employee needs and hotel requirements, and ensuring the provision of an ideal work environment that contributes to achieving business goals and enhancing the level of service provided to guests.




Additional Information

Your team and working environment:
In 1-2 sentences, introduce the team, property or office environment in a way that reflects the culture
Note: Customization may be included for any specific local or legislative requirements, such as work permits
Our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion:
We are an inclusive company and our ambition is to attract, recruit and promote diverse talent.

La diversité et l’inclusion pour Accor, c’est accueillir chacun et chacune dans le respect de ses différences en donnant la priorité aux seules qualités et compétences. Notre ambition est de développer l’emploi, mieux accueillir, offrir d’excellentes conditions de travail et  favoriser l’évolution de l’ensemble des collaborateurs et notamment des personnes en situation de handicap. N’hésitez pas à nous faire part de vos éventuels besoins spécifiques afin que nous puissions les prendre en considération lors de votre processus de recrutement.


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