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ibis Chennai City Centre, Chennai, India



Housekeeping Manager



Job Description

Title of Position                 :         Housekeeping Manager


Reports to                           :         General Manager


Position Overview             :         Management of the day-to-day operations of

Housekeeping, to direct and co-ordinate overall

activities of the Housekeeping Department including maintenance function. Liaise with hotel contractors closely to maintain they are worked under the hotel standard.






























Financial Responsibilities/Duties



  • The Housekeeping Manager is responsible and accountable for maintaining the highest standard of room and public area cleanliness and appearance, guest service as well as engendering team spirit and motivation in all staff. The Housekeeping Manager must be fair and just in any staff disciplinary actions in accordance to the hotel registered staff manual.
  • Full utilization of the Housekeeping system ensuring accuracy in use and a range of accurate reports to meet operational needs are produced.
  • Operation of an effective Maintenance ensuring maintenance requests are completed quickly focusing on guest needs as a priority.
  • Preparation of housekeeping daily report and monthly reports, commenting on key performance indicators.
  • Liaise with Front office to ensure room cleanliness standards are maintained while meeting productivity goals.
  • Liaise with F&B to ensure room occupancy meets the preparation
  • Ensure there is management support and presence visible on Housekeeping during key times throughout the day.
  • Daily room and public area check should ensure accuracy in the standard
  • Any other duties assigned by the Management.
  • Responsible for INTERREACT.




  • Establish in conjunction with the RDM/GM financial performance targets for revenue, expenditure and ensure department achieves these targets.
  • Develop working plans to meet targets; compare actual achievements against targets periodically; take necessary corrective action if not on target.
  • Facilitate the smooth running of the department through adequate supply of materials and equipment.
  • Adhere to the department budget through the Purchase Order System and inventory controls.
  • Be pro-active in controlling costs being fully aware of forecasted business and targeted profitability whilst maintaining standards.



Human Resources Responsibilities

  • Establish on-going On Job Training Programs within the department.
  • Induct new staff into the team, department and Hotel in the first week of their employment following guidelines. Ensure that all staff under your control carries out their duties.
  • Openly communicate with staff ensuring regular briefings occur and all relevant information is passed on.
  • To plan and organize regular departmental training for all staff, especially new staff, paying particular attention to courtesy, efficiency, service standards, hygiene & grooming, diplomacy and job knowledge and skills.
  • Create a team that works together with trust and takes responsibility to meet the goals of the department / Hotel.
  • Develop and implement with Team Leaders, strategies to minimize staff turnover.
  • Appraise staff performance utilizing the ACCOR performance review system; ensure frontline performance reviews are conducted for probationary and annual reviews; correct performance issues and counsel as required.
  • Ensure staff presentation is consistent with Hotel staff handbook; uniforms correctly presented; name badges worn.
  • Achieve effective communication by briefing and debriefing staff, holding regular departmental meetings and actively encouraging transparent communication with other departments within the Hotel.



Systems & Procedures

  • Log and inform RDM/GM any system problems. Suggest any improvements that could be made to improve existing systems and procedures.
  • Follow policies and procedures outlined in the Departmental Service Standards / Procedures Manual



Health & Safety

  • Use safe manual handling techniques, practice safe work habits and take a consultative role in assisting and maintaining a clean.
  • Maintain procedures to minimize our impact on the environment and prevent pollution.
  • Report any health or safety hazards, faults, repairs, cleaning needs and accidents to the RDM/GM.
  • Ensure all equipment is kept in good working order and used only for the purpose for which it was intended. Report all broken or damaged departmental equipment to the RDM/GM.
  • Contribute to cost control through energy conservation, correct storage of all materials and use of equipment per operating standards and manufacturer’s specifications.



  • Be fully conversant with departmental fire and evacuation procedures.

Customer Service

  • Provide efficient, friendly and professional service to all guests.
  • Lead by example when attending to guest requests.  Show efficiency in constantly striving to provide Total Customer Satisfaction.
  • Work together with trust so that colleagues and management meet the goals of the department/Hotel.
  • Treat customers and colleagues from all cultural groups with respect, sensitivity and transparency.
  • Take every opportunity to be a “salesperson” by active selling of special promotions and facilities available within the Hotel.
  • Attend to major operational problems and needs promptly including customer complaints, enquiries and requests.  Practice positive problem solving in all aspects of customer service.
  • Answer all correspondence and enquiries received during the working week within 24 hours of receipt; maintain good public relations with customers.
  • Maintain staff focus on ‘the Customer’s need’, individualizing and personalizing service where possible, encourage staff to use initiative.
  • Encourage customer feedback regarding product and services in the Hotel.  Listen to and take action on this feedback.



  • Take responsibility to ensure all required tasks are completed accurately and within given time frames.
  • Participate in scheduled training and development programs provided by the Hotel to improve self and department standards and attend departmental meetings as required.
  • Ensure wherever possible that employees are provided with a work place free of discrimination, harassment and victimization.
  • Treat customers and colleagues from all cultural groups with respect and sensitivity.
  • Follow property procedures with respect to grooming, performance and conduct standards, occupational health and safety, emergency procedures and all other property policies and procedures as detailed in the employee handbook / department procedure manuals / company policy manuals.
  • Ensure Hotel, Customer and Staff information or transactions are kept confidential during or after employment with the company.
  • Any other reasonable request within your range of competence as required by RDM/GM..
  • Ensure neat, clean and functionally operating outlets, rooms, public area are presented at all times.
  • Manage the Hotel’s assets in all areas to protect their long - term investment value.
  • Treat complaints of harassment and discrimination promptly and confidentially.




Asset Responsibilities/Duties

  • Assist managers and team members to present neat, clean and functionally operating outlets.
  • Maintain a register of all service equipment maintenance and breakages; ensure that regular programmed maintenance is carried out to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Ensure confidentiality and secure storage of all intellectual property and data bases, both hard copy and electronic.
  • Utilize internet and email strictly in conjunction with ACCOR Internet and Email policy
  • Be fully conversant with the Hotel’s fire and emergency evacuation procedures.





The position has all authority needed to achieve the above outcomes, the only limitations being;

  • All capital expenditure must be approved by the General Manager prior to commitment,
  • Recruitment of staff to follow manning guides, procedures for recruitment and be in consultation with the RDM/GM.
  • Disciplining and performance counseling of department staff up to final warning stage; following disciplinary procedures and in consultation with the HR
  • Promotion, transfer and/or changes to staff wages/salaries only after consultation with the RDM/GM.




Occupational Health & Safety

Employee Responsibility

All employees to safeguard their health and safety, and the health and safety of others, in the workplace.



Hotel Manegment.

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